Redstone Firearms AmmocanSket


Looking for the perfect gift for Fathers Day, Birthday Day, Anniversary, or just because. Then the Redstone Firearms AmmoCan-Sket is the perfect jam packet spin on a gift basket but for gun lovers. The AmmoCansket includes the following: 

  1. Grey Lockable Ammo Can - holds 8 boxes of standard ammo
  2. Folding Knife - Camouflage color
  3. 3 - Frog Lube Paste 5ML Squeeze (with Frog Lube Stickers)
  4. Redstone Firearms - She's got my back shirt 
  5. Eye Protection - Black
  6. 1 pair - Disposable Ear Plugs
  7. Featherlite 1.0 60 piece First Aid Kit 
  8. 16 piece Tac Fire Pistol Cleaning Kit 
  9. Single Point bungee rifle sling - by Aim Sports
  10. Punisher vinyl decal
  11. Second Amendment Tek-Mat - Can be subtitled for specific firearm we have in stock. 
  12. Second Amendment Decal/Sticker
  13. Redstone Firearms Patch

Utility patrol bag can be included for an extra $44 in black or tan which is perfect as a smaller handgun range bag. 

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