Private Firearms Consultation - Phone

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Purchasing a firearm is an important investment. As a result we understand the importance of taking the time to have a conversation to talk through your personal firearm needs. During this conversation we will evalaute current and prior firearms experience, any physical or mental limitations, budget, and home/personal defense needs. 

We will also work with you to walk you through step by step on how to become a responsible gun owner from begging to end depending on what state you reside in. This includes going through your state and local laws on how to legally purchase a firearm, to purchasing the firearm and then obtaining a concealed carry license (if legal in your home state). 

By the end of the discussion you will feel comfortable and informed on what firearm best suits you needs and have a clear understanding of what is next in your firearms journey. 

This consultation also is a good fit for those looking to build their on AR-15 and looking for step by step guidance on how to complete that process. 

Call usually last 45 minutes - an hour.  The cost of this consultation will also be used toward the purchase of your firearm with Redstone Firearms. 

After your purchase be sure to set your appointment.


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