Handgun Cleaning Class

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Keeping your firearm clean from rust and dust is imperative. As a result we can teach you one on one how to clean your firearm. 

During this hour long class you will bring your unloaded firearm and meet with a professional NRA certified instructor on how to clean your firearm and lube it for the next shoot.

During this one on one class the instructor will go over breaking down your handgun, inspecting and going step by step on how to clean your firearm and put it back together. 

Yes, this means bringing your own handgun. That is the beauty of the course!

The cost includes a Tacfire cleaning kit which includes the rods for .380-.45 caliber handguns, cleaning solution  lube, a cleaning cloth and a Redstone TekMat. 

With this purchase you will have everything you need to properly move forward and clean your guns on your own.


Once Purchased make sure to schedule your appointment for the one on one personal class. 


All Firearms are not listed. Please call