The Glock Factory Extended Slide Stop Lever is a little longer than the standard piece and provides better leverage, easier access and the ability to maintain the same grip when accessing this lever. 

This is a factory Glock extended slide stop lever with a larger surface area that allows the shooter to maintain a better grip when releasing the slide at increased speeds. There is no need to change hand, eye or head position - due to the feel of the lever. The Glock Extended Slide Stop Lever also reduces recovery time for both strong and weak hands. 

How do I determine the right part? 
There are two different models for the Extended Slide Stop Lever. One is for Glock models manufactured before 2002 and the other is for Glock models manufactured after 2002. Basically, if your Glock has one pin above the trigger, it was manufactured before 2002, if your Glock has two pins above the trigger, it was manufactured after 2002. 

Pay special attention to the "spike limiter" located just above the trigger pin hole. Slide Stop Levers with the "spike limiter" will only fit in Glocks with one pin above the trigger, which were manufactured before 2002. 

Please double-check to ensure you've selected the appropriate slide stop lever for your Glock. 

Can be installed in store for free at Redstone Firearms. 


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