Concealed Carry Belt Clip for Semi-Autos (Universal)

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Mounts on ANY Make and Model Pistol

Secure Concealment – Quick to Draw from IWB Position

No Printing – Clipdraw Provides the Slimmest Possible Profile

 Adjustable for Dept

No Gunsmithing!clipdraw worn underneath a shirt

No Drilling or Tapping!

Simple Drop-in Installation!

Mounts with 3M Corp. #4941 VHB (Very High Bond) Double Coated Adhesive


  • 3M VHB holds INDEFINITELY unless YOU choose to remove it!

  • VHB Adhesive provides full adhesion on steel, aluminum or polymer surfaces

  • No Residue left behind on pistol if you remove the Clipdraw

  • Extra Adhesive Strips (6 Total) included standard with each order

ANY Make or Model Semi-Auto Pistolfully installed from different angles

Requires just 3″ × ¼” of flat surface – Can be serrated, grooved, textured or smooth areas

Extremely Versatile – Mounts on:

Left or Right Side

Slide or Frame

Steel, Aluminum or Polymer Surfaces

Large or Small Frame Semi-Autos 

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