Build your own ghost gun

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Build your own Ghost Gun
With the California approved handgun roster shrinking, this is a way to still obtain that special firearm that you can no longer buy factory built. 

With this class you can build a full, compact or subcompact ghost gun with our 80% build kits. 
Available options are:
1.) Glock 43    
    Deposit: $330
    Total Cost:  $660
2.) Glock 32
    Deposit: $350
    Total Cost: $700
3.) Glock 33
     Deposit: $350
    Total Cost: $700
4.) Sig Sauer p320
    Deposit: $445
    Total Cost: $890
5.) Sig Sauer p320, .357
    Deposit: $470
    Total Cost: $940
6.) Sig Sauer 1911
    Deposit: $700
    Total Cost: $1,400

Spaces for this class will be limited. We can only host 8 students for this class at a time so be sure to reserve your seat first before it's sold out. 

Deposit is 50% of the cost of the complete kit.  Balance will be due to day of the class. 

We do not offer refunds on deposits. In the event you miss the class you can reserve your space for the next offered class or use the monies as a store credit at our Burbank store location. 

Date:  Sunday, February 10th  10:30 a.m. - 3 p.m.
Redstone Firearms - Burbank


All Firearms are not listed. Please call