Basic Firearms Course By Redstone Firearms

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Class Description: 

Are you new to firearms and have no idea how to take the first step toward obtaining a firearm legally here in California? 

Do you need to learn the basics of a firearm? 

Then this is the class for you!

During this 2 hour class the following topics will be covered:

1.) How to legally purchase a firearm and ammo within the state of California 

2.) Basic California Firearm Laws

3.) The 6 Fundamentals of Firearm Safety

4.) Hands on Instruction with how to load and unload a firearm

5.) Discussion on creating a family safety plan

6.) Administer the Firearm Safety Certification exam - which is needed to purchase a firearm in the state of California

7.) How to protect yourself legally in the event you have to defend yourself 

Please note this class is taught in store and not at the range. The class is offered once a month within a group setting or for an additional charge can be taught on a private 1 on 1 basis for an extra charge. 

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