Basic Firearms Class + Range Day Raffle Ticket

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Black Women are the most underrepresented demographic in firearms self defense classes.

There appears to be a hesitance to acknowledge  and confront the problem of domestic violence and rape against women of color and the history of this behavior and how it connects back to Slavery, Jim Crow and beyond. 

We need to also realize that sexual assault is not just a gender specific but its also racial and we need to address that. 

Redstone Firearms wants to host a raffle for a woman in an under represented community to 1.) Take our Basics Handgun course with Redstone Geneva and 2.) Take a outdoor range day self defense course with Redstone Jonathan. 

You can purchase as many raffle tickets as you’d like for $10 per ticket and if you win you can take the course yourself or you can gift it to a woman who you know that needs to begin the process of self defense. 

The Basic Firearms Class is 2 hours and does come with the needed FSC test to legally purchase a firearm in California plus a Redstone Firearms outdoor range day iwhere all cost are covered (including ammo, firearm rental, ear and eye protection). 

The valued cost of the package itself is $260

Raffle tickets will be capped at the Value of the package of $260 as this is a non profit campaign but coming together to help 1 woman begin her journey to self defense. Therefore the max amount of raffle tickets available is 26. 

A little can go a long way. 

Raffle ends September 1st. 


All Firearms are not listed. Please call